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shoutabout is a media relations and analytics platform that helps companies find, pitch, and build relationships with influential media contacts. Covering local, national, and international press as well as over 250 industry niches, shoutabout makes it quicker and easier than ever to secure the attention your business deserves.

Promote your startup with modern, affordable, and effective media relations tools


Create eye-catching press releases that actually get responses

Grab your recipients' attention by crafting media-rich press releases and other company updates that inform and intrigue from the second they land in their inbox


Deliver your news to thousands of curated media contacts

Automate and streamline your media outreach by communicating personally with leading reporters, editors, podcast hosts, and other media contacts in your industry


Measure everything with customizable analytics

Get responses direct to your inbox and then create your own detailed analytics dashboard to track mentions, understand media reach, and determine campaign performance

What you get 📦

Customizable Campaign Editor

Design elegant press releases and other company announcements that grab people's attention

Thousands of Verified Contacts

Get your news in front of the right people with thousands of up-to-date and accurate media contact records

Cross Medium Promotions

Browse contacts and opportunities across newspapers, magazines, podcasts, television shows and more

Detailed Campaign Analytics

Measure the impact and ROI of every campaign with detailed industry-leading analytics across the web and social

Real Time Updates

Be the first to know when your company's news is published online or mentioned on social media

BONUS Micro Media Tools

Stay ahead of the curve and be the first to access every new media tool we develop to push your PR efforts to new heights

"I've sent out 6 press releases in the last year at a cost of over $2,400 and haven't had any meaningful engagement or press coverage in return. shoutabout is exactly what I need to start building impactful relationships with the media. I cannot wait for it to launch!"

Shaun R
Founder, Personal Finance App

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"We're both indie developers who want to make a living building products that our fellow founders will love. Having had trouble securing press and influencer coverage for our own projects in the past, we could think of nowhere better to start than with a suite of easy-to-use but powerful tools that can skyrocket a new business to media success." 🚀


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Get access to powerful media relations tools at a discounted rate for the lifetime of your subscription

  • Design eye-catching outreach emails

  • Access thousands of verified media contacts

  • Secure a spot in newspapers, magazines, podcasts, and more

  • Measure the impact of your releases with detailed analytics

  • Get media mention and other critical updates in real time

  • No hassle cancelation at any time

  • Support independent developers! 💙

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